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"The World is Yours!"

The Office of Study Abroad and International Collaboration has received funding through the Global Skills Opportunities program to support international learning experiences for UPEI students! Our programs consist of short- and long-term credit bearing experiences including study abroad, co-operative education work terms, faculty-led courses, and internships. 

Receive from $1,000 to $8,000 in funding from UPEI and the Global Skills Opportunities program for your study abroad experience!

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What you need to know about studying abroad as a UPEI student

  • All courses you take at the host school will be transferred back to UPEI so you will not fall behind.
  • All tuition fees and student fees are paid to UPEI while you travel, so there are no huge host school fees (small fees may apply).
  • Most of our partner schools teach in English, regardless of the national language.
  • International students can also study abroad—you do not have to be a Canadian citizen (some program exceptions).
  • You are still eligible for student loans while studying abroad.
  • International placements are options for our co-op students.

Studying at one of our partner schools will allow you to explore countries you've always wanted to visit, take unique courses in your field of study that are not offered at UPEI, gain independence and other new life skills, and make new friends from around the world. 

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Are you interested in studying abroad?

I’m here to help! For more information about qualifications and requirements, please make an appointment to visit me at the Office of Study Abroad and International Collaboration.

Sherilyn Acorn-LeClair
Manager, International Liaison Officer
Office of Study Abroad and International Partnerships
Robertson Library Annex, Room 225



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