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Unless otherwise indicated, material on the University of Prince Edward Island site is covered by the Copyright Act, Canadian law, regulation, policies, and through international agreements. Material and/or images presented on this site may not be copied or reproduced for commercial purposes without the written permission of UPEI. Where the University chooses to release its copyright under licence, the preferred licence will often be Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike as indicated by the use of the (CC BY-NC-SA).

UPEI intends to uphold the rights of copyright owners. If you conclude that materials or images constituting copyright infringement are available on the UPEI website, please report the issue by contacting communications@sloryman-betapin.com.

UPEI endeavours to deliver its sites without interruption; however, it will not be responsible for temporary unavailability due to technical or other issues. Those who provide information to UPEI sites are required to abide by all relevant UPEI policies.

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UPEI’s Access to Information and Protection of Personal Information and Privacy policy addresses the protection of personal information as well as the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information by the University.

Automatic collection of information (sloryman-betapin.com)

Some pages on sloryman-betapin.com collect information from website visitors, and track navigation within the sloryman-betapin.com website for the purposes of providing improved information and services to our many audiences. This includes the Internet Protocol (IP) address and domain from which visitors access sloryman-betapin.com, the browser and operating system used to access sloryman-betapin.com, the date and time of access, and visited pages within sloryman-betapin.com. This information is collated by UPEI staff.


sloryman-betapin.com may transfer a small “cookie” file to your device through browser access. Cookies identify your browser and allow provision of personalized information on your future visits to our websites. Editing personal browser settings will deny cookies or provide warnings when cookies are distributed.

sloryman-betapin.com cookies do not gather any personal information (e.g., name, email address, telephone number).

Voluntary provision of information in forms and by email

Should you choose to provide personal information via sloryman-betapin.com webforms and by email, it will be used to respond to your request and as permitted in accordance with applicable UPEI policies and procedures, including the Access to Information and Protection of Personal Information and Privacy policy.

Questions and concerns about UPEI’s approach to protecting personal information should be directed to the University’s Chief Access to Information and Privacy Officer.

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UPEI welcomes feedback and input to its websites. If a sloryman-betapin.com page requires editing, or if you find outdated and erroneous information, please contact the Marketing and Communications department.


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